The Drift

I’ve eaten at The Drift a number of times at lunch with work colleagues. On this particular occasion (for all of January), they are doing a ‘skinny’ meal deal which is a ‘skinny’ burger (ie no bun and gluten-free) and you can also chose a low calorie sauvingon blanc, beer or a ‘skinny’ cocktail. With it being a Monday, I, of course, chose the ‘skinny’ cocktail and had a porn star (which is a passionfruit flavoured cocktail with a prosecco shot chaser 🙂 )

For some good carbs I also decided to order a side of roasted root vegetables – yum! The menu is quite varied and there are a number of gluten free options (even with the desserts!).

On this particular occasion, the service is a little slower than I have experienced but it seemed that they had a number of new staff members on that day, so I guess I will let them off.

It is a great restaurant for a casual work lunch and I will be returning.

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