Steak Exchange

I went to the Steak Exchange with some colleagues from work and on this occasion, we did have some vouchers which entitled us to a small sirloin steak, fries and bottle of wine. As the restaurant is part of the Davy’s wine bars and wine merchants and having eaten at some of their other steak restaurants before, we had high hopes for the dining experience.

As this was a lunch during working hours, we didn’t have an infinite amount of time to spend at the restaurant and I was quite annoyed after being sat down for 35 minutes and not having received anything – not even our drinks! When our food finally did arrive, my steak was very fatty and I had to cut a significant part of it off as it was just all fat.

While the manager did apologise to us for the lack of service (due to being very short staffed) and offered us tea and coffees, I was not really impressed with the restaurant, the service or the quality of the meat that I was served. Given that they are part of the Davy’s group and the other Davy’s restaurants usually have very good service and meat, I might try the place again to see if it was just a once off but I can’t say that I will be hurrying back.

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