Rosewood Little Dix Bay

On a day trip over to Virgin Gorda (one of the islands that make up the British Virgin Islands), a colleague had recommended that a nice place to have bruch/lunch was at Rosewood Little Dix Bay. The resort is located just a few minutes taxi drive from the harbour and is set on a nice calm bay. The resort itself is quite exclusive (and the price to stay there reflects this), though the restaurant is open to outside guests. The restaurant overlooks the bay so you have a lovely sea view. As we were there on a Sunday for lunch, they had a very varied buffet lunch on offer. I thought the price of $30 per person was very reasonable for the quality of the food. I was also pleasantly surprised by the variety of gluten-free foods on offer.

For starters I had a nice selection of cold salads, cold meats, veggies and fruit.

Then for my main course I had a lovely piece of grilled swordfish and grilled mahi mahi with salsa and more salad.

The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was there was not much of a selection of gluten-free desserts. I ended up having a cream caramel and some more fruit. At this point in the day, it started raining and so we decided to stay for a little longer at the restaurant and have another course of cheese. By the time we left we were well and truly stuffed and had we been cats, it would have been time to curl up for a long nap! The staff were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend visiting Rosewood Little Dix Bay for a nice relaxing brunch/lunch by the sea and if you can afford to stay there, I have heard the amenities are excellent.

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