Pusser’s East

Pusser’s East is located at Hodge’s Creek on the southern shore of Tortola near East End. The restaurant itself if quite large and offers waterfront dining with a large, breezy deck and views of Peter, Salt, Cooper and Ginger islands.

Unfortunately I dined at Pusser’s East for dinner after having a very large lunch at Rosewood Little Dix Bay so I was not overly hungry when we arrived. Pusser’s East is known for the local lobster and as you walk in there is a tank with them to greet you!

One of the main local drinks in the British Virgin Islands is called a Pain Killer – and it isn’t as bad as it sounds. At Pusser’s East you can get your drink in a souvenir to take home. You can also choose your strength from 2 to 5. I decided to go for a 3 and I found that was quite strong!

They do have a varied menu, however, it isn’t overly gluten-free friendly. I decided to go with what the restaurant is known for – the lobster and ordered lobster thermidor which was delicious!


We also decided to be extra greedy and we ordered the coconut bomb (I think that is what it was called). There were 3 of us at dinner and we still couldn’t finish it all. I don’t quite think the picture quite does it justice as to how big this dessert actually was!

Whilst the restaurant was ok, it wasn’t particularly gluten-free friendly – but if you like lobster then you will be in luck!

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