Provamel Vanilla / Chocolate Soya Desserts

Provamel Vanilla / Chocolate Soya Desserts

I was recently given some Provamel vanilla / chocolate soya desserts to try. Both the vanilla and chocolate flavoured desserts have had their recipes improved – although I have not previously tried these products so I can’t comment on the taste difference in respect of the recipe improvement. Provamel are gluten-free and dairy/lactose-free and they use the goodness of the whole soya bean to ensure that you get the best of the nutrient-rich, organic soya beans that is used. I’ve never really tried any of the soya dessert products out there as I personally don’t tend to have an issue with eating dairy/lactose (although I do prefer to keep my dairy consumption to a minimum) so I was interested to find out what they were like. The end result – they were delicious and I’m now definitely a convert to the soya desserts (especially the chocolate one!).

Provamel Vanilla






















When I tried the Provamel vanilla soya dessert I was pleasantly surprised and I have to say that the first thought that popped into my head when I tasted it was ‘this tastes just like vanilla custard!’ In fact, it tastes better than some of the gluten-free ready-made custards out there. The consistency of the dessert was smooth, creamy and light (which I could only liken to a custard or probiotic natural yoghurts). After you have finished the dessert you are left with a nice vanilla aftertaste and a satisfied feeling. Best of all the vanilla desserts can be enjoyed guilty-free as they contain only 105 calories per serving.

Provamel Chocolate






















When I tried the Provamel chocolate soya dessert I could not believe my taste buds, this tastes just like full-of-dairy chocolate mousse! There was no hint to me that it was dairy/lactose-free. As with the Provamel vanilla, the consistency of the dessert was smooth, creamy and light. I am very impressed with the Provamel chocolate and with only 111 calories per serving, it too can be enjoyed as a guilt-free dessert. As you can see from the pictures above, I couldn’t stop to take a picture while eating it – it was truly delicious!

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