Marks and Spencer: 6 Pesto Chicken Salad Bites

Marks & Spencer: 6 Pesto Chicken Salad Bites

On a recent early morning trip to Marks & Spencer, I spied their new 6 Pesto Chicken Salad Bites which are hand wrapped in moolo ribbons served with cherry tomatoes and a tomato and basil dip.

Naturally the first thing I do when I see an unfamilar food product is turn to the back of the packet to check that it is gluten-free and, in this case, ‘yippee’ it was gluten-free!  The next question I had was what on earth are the bites wrapped in? My inital thought was rice paper but I was wrong – the bites are wrapped in mooli. What the heck is ‘mooli’?! To answer this question I had to consult Google and the answer I got back is that mooli is a form of giant radish (who’d have thought!) and the word ‘mooli’ is Korean. Also, you can eat mooli raw or cooked.

The first thought I had when I tasted the bites was ‘wow, they taste really fresh’ and the hint of basil and pesto is just moorish! They were nice without the tomato and basil dip but with the dip, it brought more flavour to the palate and I have to say I really enjoyed eating them. Whilst they may seem small to some, they are actually quite filling. The pack also contains 4 cherry tomatoes which I thought was a bit random but I like cherry tomatoes so was more than happy to eat them.

I can see these bites becoming a favourite snack of mine and with only 180 calories per pack (if you don’t eat the dip) it isn’t too damaging to one’s diet. The only downside with the bites that at £3.75 a pack, I thought they were on the expensive side (especially as I would eat them as a snack – I’d probably still be hungry if I only ate them for lunch).

Good job Marks & Spencer for adding a new tasty gluten-free option to your fresh food products.

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