Maison Toureg

I caught up with my old flatmates at Maison Toureg (a Moroccan themed restaurant) one Thursday evening for dinner.  The restaurant itself is a nicely decorated venue.

Within 5 minutes of sitting down, a belly dancer came out which the boys especially liked :). After the show we ordered and I ordered the Lamb Shish which came with a small salad and rice. I must admit that I was a little annoyed as I mentioned to the waiter that I was allergic to gluten (and could only eat food that was gluten-free) when I ordered, yet the meal came out with pita bread. The lamb itself seemed a bit fatty and seemed quite expensive for the few kebabs that you got.  All in all  I was left feeling a little flat about the whole meal. On this occasion, the meal was more about the company than the food and I can’t say that I will be running back in a hurry to eat at Maison Toureg.

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