I visited L’Escargot for a late dinner one Friday evening. L’Escargot is a Marco Pierre White restaurant which once upon a time held a Michelin star. It has been a popular restaurant in Soho since 1927. If you don’t really know French very well, the tiling when you enter the restaurant gives a hint at what the name means!

As we arrived at 10.00pm a lot of the diners were finishing up mains and desserts and it wasn’t too busy. We decided to order from the lunch and pre/post theatre menu as for 2/3 courses, it was very reasonably priced (£15/£18). As my dining partner nor I had ever tried frogs legs before (we weren’t daring enough to go for snails – even though that is the house speciality), we decided to have the sautéed frog legs, parsley velouté, garlic puréeas a first entree. I’ve had people describe frogs legs as being similar to chicken and while the consistency of the meat could be likened to chicken, I didn’t really find the meat itself had much flavour/taste so the flavour/taste mainly came from the sauce.

For the second entree, I had the duck salad and for mains I had the smoked haddock which were both very nice. They restaurant also had gluten-free bread to offer me which always gives bonus points in my book.

I am a big fan of desserts and was slightly disappointed that of all the desserts on offer, there was only one that was gluten-free (being roast pineapple, maple syrup, coconut crisps and pineapple sorbet).  As I really wanted something chocolately, I decided to pass on dessert.

So in my mind, the bonus points L’Escargot had received for the gluten-free bread was taken away with the lack of variety for gluten-free desserts.

The restaurant itself if fairly dimly lit (not necessarily a bad thing) and has a number of (odd) paintings on the wall which I didn’t really see how it fit with the French style menu.

All in all, it was a nice meal (despite the lack of dessert) and I would return here but I’m not sure I would necessarily order from the pricey a la carte menu. If you do get a chance to order from the lunch and pre/post theatre menu, it is very good value and I would return to eat from this menu again.

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