Holy Cow (take away or delivery only)

At the moment I must say that Holy Cow is my favourite take away! They have a number of locations throughout London and I’ve been lucky to order from two different locations in the past and the food has been of the same high quality.

Before I tasted Holy Cow I really didn’t eat Indian cuisine on a regular basis (more of a rarity) but if there is any choice as to where a take away is gotten from and I have a say in it, I will always put my choice as Holy Cow. I am a creature of habit and tend to order the same things (27. Saag Gosht, 29. Lamb Bhuna and 45. Dahl Hariyali). The ingredients they use seem to be of a high quality and this reflects in the taste of the food.

Best of all, a lot of their dishes are naturally gluten-free but if you flag it up front that you are allergic to gluten, they can advise you if any of your order does in fact contain gluten. When I’ve had friend’s over and we’ve ordered from Holy Cow, they have always exclaimed that it is one of the best Indian meals that they have had. Hopefully if you ever get the chance to try it, you will agree too!

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