Helen’s Brilliant Bakery Mixes

Helen’s Brilliant Bakery Mixes

I recently had the opportunity to try the brown bread, white bread and scone mixes from the ‘Helen’s Brilliant Bakery Mixes’ range.

The first thing I realized when making the bread/scones was how EASY it was – who knew gluten-free baking could be so quick and simple! Other than the mixes you only need a few other store cupboard ingredients such as milk, oil, eggs or water (depending on the mix). There is no need for a bread maker and you don’t have to be an expert baker.

I didn’t have the exact pan shape needed for the bread – mine was a little bigger so the bread itself came out a little flat but didn’t take away from the taste. It is an easy way to impress your friends and family with home baked gluten-free goodies – it almost feels like cheating!

Here is the brown bread:

helen - brown - 1helen - brown - 2

 helen - brown - 3

 helen - brown - 4

 helen - brown - 5

Unlike the brown bread, the white bread needed to prove (eg leaving it covered in a warm place for about 45 minutes). Here is the white bread:

 helen - white - 1

helen - white - 2

 helen - white - 3

helen - brown - 4

 helen - white - 5

The scones were my particular favourite though I’m not sure the texture is quite the same as a traditional scone. An American friend said the scones reminded them of American style biscuits. I lathered my scones with butter and Jersey black butter (more of a conserve than butter) and they were delicious! Here are the scones:

 helen - scone - 1

 helen - scone - 2

 helen - scone - 3

helen - scone - 4

 helen - scone - 5

I was very pleased that the end result of the bread and scones were that they were firm and held together well (not ridiculous crumbly that you couldn’t put butter or jam etc on them like some gluten-free products!). I found that the bread and scones were best eaten on the day of baking as they got a little dry afterwards but I think that just may be down to the gluten-free factor.

Helen’s Brilliant Bakery Mixes are excellent products to introduce yourself to gluten-free baking and they would be perfect if you need to rustle up some gluten-free bread/scones in a hurry for unexpected guests. They would also make a fun project to get children into (gluten-free) baking.

 Helen’s Brilliant Bakery Mixes are available at Sainsbury’s and the RRP per pack is £2.49




*I was sent samples of Helen’s Brilliant Bakery Mixes to try.