Gauthier Soho

The first Michelin star Saturday lunch of 2012 was at Gauthier Soho and what an experience it was.

Walking down Romilly Street in Soho we came to a front door and other than the golden sign on the right which told you you were at Gauthier Soho, you would just think it was a door to a house. I rang the doorbell and the door opened welcoming us inside.

There is seating on the ground floor but we were seated up on the first floor. The restaurant has a very cosy feel about it and is tastefully decorated (understated). I seemed to get a homey feel like I was at someone’s house and that was a nice feeling. Each of the menus looked wonderful (the tasting menu, the set a la carte and the set lunch menu). One thing I immediately noticed on the menus was that the calorie count was published next to each dish. So if you were going to have the winter tasting menu, you would know that you were consuming 1852 calories!

We decided on the set lunch menu (which was very reasonably priced given the calibre of the restaurant) which was 3 courses although there were extra courses included such as an amuse bouche and pre-dessert palate cleanser. I had advised the restaurant in advance that I was gluten intolerant and the friendly and attentive waitstaff were able to advise me what dishes were gluten-free or which dishes could be modified to be gluten-free. I was offered gluten-free oat cakes instead of bread and my fellow diners were spoilt for choice with a wide selection of bread (the raisin bread was a popular choice!).

For lunch I chose Scallops tartar and crab salad (wild leaves, avocado & lemon dressing) for a starter then roasted cut of Highland Venison with parmesan gnocchi, salsify and green cabbage venison jus as a main (pictured) and then finally the delightful Golden Louis XV (dark chocolate and praline (golden because it comes with a gold leaf) (pictured) which was chocolate heaven!

 With the set lunch menu, you could also choose to have a half a bottle of wine and as there were 4 of us, we got a bottle of red and a bottle of white. I asked the Sommelier if he wouldn’t mind choosing the wine for us as he would know best what would go with our lunch – and his choices were excellent. It was a really nice relaxing lunch and at no time were did we feel hurried. The courses were nicely spaced out and before we knew it, we had spent a few hours at the restaurant. The waitstaff and Sommelier we very nice and you got the feeling that each person really enjoyed working at the restaurant. Alexis Gauthier (chef and owner) also found the time to pop out and say hello which was a really nice touch.

I really enjoyed lunch at Gauthier Soho and I haven’t been able to stop talking about it. If you are ever stuck for somewhere to eat in Soho, want to have a nice relaxing lunch or need to impress, I strongly recommend Gauthier Soho. I’m looking forward to returning soon!

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