1 Lombard Street

I caught up with some old work colleagues at 1 Lombard Street for a long overdue gossip session. When you enter the building you are in the brasserie which is a large open space with very high ceilings. It is a beautiful room but the only downside is that when it is busy can get quite loud so lucky for us we were in the restaurant at the back where it was quieter and we could gossip freely without having to yell at each other!

We had the 5 course taster menu which consisted of soup, vege salad, scallop (just one!), venison and cakes. There was no fuss in being able to modify all the dishes so they were gluten-free (if not already) except for dessert so I was given a selection of sorbets (yum!). I think I was most impressed with the free flowing of gluten-free bread. I am embarrassed to admit I ended up eating 6 slices(!) but then again, gluten-free bread is smaller than regular bread so surely it would be equal to no more than 3 normal bread slices, right? 🙂

As we were there on a Monday night the restaurant wasn’t really busy with 2 other tables occupied. The service was attentive (but thankfully not too attentive given the lack of tables). We all enjoyed the food which was cooked very well. This is often a restaurant visited for business lunches but all I can say is don’t overlook it for dinner either.

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