Gluten-free ANZAC biscuits in rememberance of ANZAC Day (25 April)

As you may know, I grew up in Australia and the 25 April each year is ANZAC Day and is marked by a public holiday.   [Read more…]

An early summer’s gluten-free weekend in the Emerald Isle

Last weekend was a lovely weekend to have been in the Irish capital – the weather was so warm and everyone seemed to be in a cheery mood (although, having never been to Dublin, it could just be that people are always cheery there!). [Read more…]

A couple of lovely gluten-free meals…

This week was fairly uneventful other than having two delicious gluten-free meals out. [Read more…]

Spring is in the air…

March has arrived and I am loving the warmer weather we’ve had in London town of late! No more scarves and gloves! [Read more…]

It’s February already!

Time flies when you are having fun (or something like that). I can’t believe it is February already (the end of February at that)! [Read more…]

Pancake day/Shrove Tuesday

I love an excuse to make and eat pancakes – yummy! [Read more…]

Another (gluten-free) food filled week…

So this week turned out to be another (gluten-free) food filled week. The plan is to be in ‘beach’ shape for the wedding I’m attending in Malaysia at Easter time but at the rate I’m eating, I don’t stand a chance! [Read more…]

Pain is just weakness leaving the body…

This week marked the beginning of bootcamp which can only mean it was a painful week! [Read more…]

A busy first week of 2012

I guess most people generally take the start of a year easy – not me! It has probably been a busier one than most. [Read more…]

New Year’s Resolutions and all that…

Welcome 2012! A new year that has (as usual) started with positive thoughts and good intentions. [Read more…]