The simple things in life are often the best…

Yes, we’ve all heard this age old saying before, ‘the simple things in life are often the best’ and, in this instance (especially after Christmas and lots of food indulgence), I believe it is definitely true!

Having been on a gluten-free diet for 20+ years I got used to not eating certain things and I more or less accepted that I would never be able to eat certain things. So, you can imagine how excited my inner-child became when one day a few months ago I happened to be browsing the frozen food section in Sainsburys to spy the Sainburys ‘free from’ (gluten-free and dairy free) fish fingers – yes, fish fingers!!!!!!!!

Up to this point, I had never tasted fish fingers. Finding this regular child’s food that most people probably take for granted and adults probably would turn their noses up at, had just made my week.

You can imagine I swiftly grabbed a few packets and walked very quickly home to be able to have my first taste! Oh boy, when those 15 minutes of oven cooking were up, I wolfed them down and I think my inner-child was having a party at the same time. I absolutely loved them. Since discovering them, I think I must be playing catch up for lost eating time and I eat them quite regularly (at least weekly). They are such an easy meal to have if you get home late from work and it is fish, so surely that has to be good for you 😉



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