Spring is in the air…

March has arrived and I am loving the warmer weather we’ve had in London town of late! No more scarves and gloves!

Summer is almost here! Which means I need to get ready for summer ie tone up! I set myself a 6 day fitness challenge which consisted of either a reformer pilates class (I go to Klinik) or a bootcamp class (I go to Aegis Training) per day and I’m glad to say that I completed it and am still intact and am noticing a difference!

I haven’t done much baking or cooking this week and I’m a little disappointed in myself but with my 6 day fitness challenge (which I was doing in the early mornings before work), I didn’t have the energy and generally had early nights all week so I guess I could be excused!

Having not really done much for the last few weekends, I was glad to get out and about this weekend. On Friday I went for a late dinner at L’Escargot and tried frogs legs!. Then on Saturday, I caught up with a friend of mine (who has been in a self-imposed exile while studying for some tough exams) on Saturday for a delicious lunch at Wild Honey.  We also spotted a celeb in there – Roberta Taylor (she was on The Bill). Wild Honey is also housing one of the Fabergé eggs inside which is part of The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt. Apparently it is covered in gold leaf and is worth about £25,000!


For the rest of Saturday afternoon, my friend and I had a lazy walk through Marylebone village. I really like it around there with all the little independent stores. I decided to get back to my Scandinavian roots and went to Totally Swedish which is a Swedish foodstore and I got, among other things,  some Fria gluten-free chocolate cupcakes which I am pleased to report are absolutely delicious!

I really wanted to try the Fria gluten-free kanelbuller (cinnamon buns) but they were sold out 🙁 I guess it is a good excuse to go back soon! I also had a look in Skandium which is a Swedish design store which has lots of lovely items (but unfortunately a little out of my price range right now!). I did, however, manage to find some small thin candles to fit my Scandinavian Christmas reindeer candelabra (which I couldn’t find anywhere) so that was a result!

We also stopped off at La Fromagerie in Marylebone and had some delicious cheese (the French cheese platter) and a glass of red wine and we were also talked into getting a slice of the orange and polenta cake (which was gluten-free!).

With all that I have eaten over the weekend, I think I will need to do another 6 day fitness challenge!

To top the weekend off, my neighbour asked if I wouldn’t mind cat-sitting for her this weekend and, incase you didn’t know, I love cats so I was delighted to cat-sit little Miss Florrie as I don’t have a cat of my own. As everyone loves a cute cat picture, here is a picture of Florrie striking a pose on the sofa!



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