Pain is just weakness leaving the body…

This week marked the beginning of bootcamp which can only mean it was a painful week! The bootcamp I’ve started is only twice a week but it is pretty full-on for those two 45 mins sessions!  One of my old bosses used to be in the army and he would say that pain is just weakness leaving the body. If that is the case, I must have been very weak! Although I spent most of the week walking around like Frankenstein luckily by the weekend when I did 2 hot yoga sessions (as a nice stretch) I was relatively back to normal.

I’ve read a bit about the Tracy Anderson method so I’ve ordered her mat workout from Amazon so that should arrive next week. It promises that if you do the dvd 4-6 times a week, you will see results….so we’ll see!

For some reason a lot of my work colleagues seem to have their birthdays in January and, as such, this week was another foodie week (I predict this month is going to be a foodie month!). First on Monday I was at The Drift for one of their yummy gluten-free skinny burgers (ie a no bread burger). On Tuesday I was at Gaucho in Broadgate to celebrate a birthday – lucky for me steak is naturally gluten-free and it is at times when I go to places like Gaucho that I’m glad I’m a carnivore. On Wednesday I was off to Vivat Bacchus for a client do and had some very tasty meat and cheese platters with perfectly pairs wines. The platters (other than the crackers) were naturally gluten-free, though, when eating cheese, one on a gluten-free diet has to be aware of the mouldy cheeses (like blue cheese) as these may contain gluten. Lucky for me I don’t like the mouldy cheeses! On Friday I was out again with colleagues for lunch and we visited Off the Wall which is a lovely restaurant which seems to be off the radar where they make an effort to be aware of what menu items are gluten-free. Saturday rounded off the foodie week and I was at Dolcetto at Chapel Market in Angel. It too is a little out of the way place but they really have very tasty food. Whilst I couldn’t eat the pasta, the risotto made up for it.

On Friday evening, I baked some lovely little clementine cupcakes which were both gluten-free and dairy-free for a friend’s young children. I remember when I was first diagnosed a coeliac when I was 8 years old – back then there weren’t many gluten-free alternatives so I usually went without when it came to sweet things so I guess I have a soft spot of children with similar dietary issues. The verdict from the children were that the cupcakes were yummy! 😉 My boyfriend had tried one and he said he couldn’t really tell the difference between the gluten-free/diary-free cupcake and a normal one – result! The weekend’s cook-a-thon had me making butternut squash soup and ratatouille. I was a lucky girl on Sunday as my boyfriend cooked an impressive roast dinner which, of course, was gluten-free 🙂

So, whilst I seem to have made a good start on the fitness front, maybe the diet side could do with a bit of work 😉 though I’m not sure that next week is the time to do that as I’m very excited about next Saturday’s Michelin starred lunch!

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