It’s February already!

Time flies when you are having fun (or something like that). I can’t believe it is February already (the end of February at that)!

I admit I have not given this blog the attention it deserves the last few weeks. In all honesty, I haven’t been up to anything particularly interesting.

I attempted to adopt a new healthy eating regime (not a diet as I do want to be eating healthily the majority of the time!). After some surfing on the web I came across James Duigan and his clean and lean programme (you can find his website here). All inspired, I bought the books (from Amazon) to study at home. The principles are quite easy to fit into a gluten-free diet (primarily as he advocates eating gluten-free!). I tried the 6 days flat tummy eating plan. Yes, it is very restrictive but 6 days is probably an ok length of time to be following the progamme (which is white meats/fish, veg and eggs). I did notice a difference after the end of the 6 days and with the 4 days of circuit training and reformer pilates that I’m also doing at the moment, I should be in good shape for the beach wedding I’m attending over Easter.

The downside with clean eating is that it doesn’t leave much room for eating out. You may recall that my new year’s resolution is to eat at least one lunch at a Michelin starred restaurant. This month’s lunch was at Wild Honey in Mayfair. It was a lovely lunch and even better as a friend of mine received some good news that morning so it turned into a fitting celebratory lunch.

I had also received a voucher for brunch at Aurelia in Mayfair so I did enjoy that as well.

Other than that, I spent one whole weekend doing some early spring cleaning. I moved houses about 8 months ago but there were still a number of boxes lying around. You know those annoying boxes that you just didn’t know what to do with the contents when you first moved. It was a ruthless spring clean where I managed fill the communal rubbish bins and sell a few items on ebay – result!

Valentine’s day has been and gone. Truth be told, I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s day. I find it a bit commercial so I told my boyfriend to not get me any flowers or chocolates etc (last year I asked him to cook me a 3 course dinner). I’d rather that he be spontaneous and not buy flowers/chocolates on the one designated day a year when everything is over priced.

Also, the winter’s snow seems to have been and gone. I love London when it is covered in a blanket of white. Everything looks so clean! Although I don’t like how the transport seems to come to a skreetching halt once there is a sprinkling of the white stuff!

I’m very excited as I’ve discovered a really good food magazine with seemingly healthy and easy to follow recipes ( I discovered it in my physio’s reception and it is the first magazine I’ve actually subscribed to. I’ve already made Turkey meatball with tzakziki and Mississippi mudcake with 2/3rds of the usual calories – yummy! So watch this space for testing out more recipes.

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