Another (gluten-free) food filled week…

So this week turned out to be another (gluten-free) food filled week. The plan is to be in ‘beach’ shape for the wedding I’m attending in Malaysia at Easter time but at the rate I’m eating, I don’t stand a chance! I know the simple weight loss equation is to expend more calories that you intake and although I did quite a bit of exercise this week (bootcamp x 2, reformer pilates, yoga and a new Tracy Anderson dvd that arrived this week), I think I’m still over on the calories – I’m too afraid to go near my scales! Maybe next week I will be braver.

Monday started off well with the first bootcamp session of the week then in the evening I went to 1 Lombard Street for dinner to catch up with some old work colleagues and I was very excited when I was presented with gluten-free bread. The issue is I couldn’t stop eating it and after 6 pieces I was a little embarrassed – oops!

Wednesday I was back at bootcamp and was thankful that this week my body isn’t resisting the exercise as much as it did last week so I was generally able to walk normally! The Tracy Anderson dvd that I had ordered the previous week arrived and that evening I did the 58 minutes of mat-type exercises. Wow, I realise I have some way to go as I couldn’t keep up with the number of reps. I must admit I did find Tracy’s pouting in the dvd a little amusing. She says you have to do the dvd 4-6 times a week. Not sure where I will find the time but I will have to!

Thursday morning I was up early for my reformer pilates class. I hadn’t been in a few weeks as the first week of bootcamp left me unable to move. I go to a small studio at Liverpool Street called PilatesK and I really enjoy it. Thursday was also the start of my very foodie end of the week. A colleague suggested that we go to Haz for lunch and why not, it would be rude not to! Haz is a favourite with my work colleagues, however, sadly it seems that the maitre d that they had come to know has left the restaurant. For dinner I was over in Soho at Maison Toureg to catch up with my two old housemates (one of which is having the Malaysian wedding that I’m attending) and his fiance, Linda. Whilst the meal was nothing spectacular, it was nice to see the boys as I hadn’t done in a while and Linda and I were trying to get motivated to get fit and, more importantly, toned for the wedding as after the wedding a number of people are going to Langkawi (a Malaysian island) for some beach fun.

For Friday lunch some work colleagues and I went to Steak Exchange for the first time and was quite disappointed. For Friday dinner I went to Anokha which was a nice little Indian restaurant near St Pauls.

Finally Saturday was here which meant only 1 thing….the first Michelin star Saturday lunch of 2012 at Gauthier Soho (you may recall that my 2012 resolution is to visit at least 1 Michelin star restaurant for lunch a month)! My friends (who were attending) and I had been very excited about it all week. The only thing was I had to get through my yoga class first before lunch! I didn’t end up eating breakfast as I was still full from Friday’s meals but by the time it came to lunch time, I was starving. We were a bit early arriving in Soho  so we popped into The Spice of Life pub for a quick pre-lunch drink. I consider cider to be the coeliacs beer and I was delighted that they had Rekorderlig which is a Swedish made cider and my favourite (the strawberry and lime flavour makes it taste non-alcoholic – very dangerous!).

After a quick drink it was off to Gauthier Soho for an amazing amazing (yes two!) lunch. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and can’t wait to go back. If you have never been to Gauthier Soho, I can highly recommend it and it is very gluten-free friendly!

In the evening I went down to the O2 in Greenwich to meet up with a friend who was going stir-crazy in her apartment from studying for the NY bar exams. I made the mistake of having more food at Chiquito and, although it was nice, I went home about to burst. I was so exhausted from eating I was fast asleep by 9.30pm (sad I know!).

Sunday, I was up for brunch at Kipferl which is a little Austrian cafe in Camden Walk in Angel. After sacking off my yoga class in the afternoon (yes, naughty me I know), I did my Sunday gluten-free cook-a-thon which consisted of carrot and corriander soup, chilli con carne, ratatouille and vanilla cupcakes. Unfortunately my oven runs a little hot and the cupcakes were quite brown on top but they perfect in the middle and very delicious – I’ve already eaten 4 cupcakes (4 x oops!).

Next week the eating should calm down a bit so, hopefully, I will have more luck with expending more calories than I consume!

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