A busy first week of 2012

I guess most people generally take the start of a year easy – not me! It has probably been a busier one than most.The few public holidays helped to get the final few Sopranos seasons viewed so after 6 months, that box set is finished (I must say, I’m disappointed with the ending of the final episode – for those that have seen it will know what I’m talking about).

The exercise regime has started up again. So far I’ve done 2 hot yoga classes, 1 reformer pilates class and a general exercise class – pat on the back for me for the first week I say! I’ve started with the lighter classes this week so hopefully the pain won’t be totally unbearable when I start up bootcamp next week. I’m attending an overseas wedding at Easter time and I need to loose the 4kgs I’ve managed to acquire over the last two months (damn the holidays and the sitting around and eating bad foods!) and more!

I had a mid-week cooking fest and made French onion soup, beef stroganoff and ratatouille. I tend to cook in bulk so there are a few dinners and lunches there for my efforts.

I’ve also dined out a few times. First was lunch at Galvin La Chapelle for a colleague’s birthday lunch which was an excellent way to start the year. Then I was at Odette’s Restaurant and Bar for a friend’s birthday dinner where I bumped into none other than Lorraine Pascale (a baking hero of mine).

For Friday lunch I was at The Drift to sample their ‘Skinny Burger’ which I am pleased to say was gluten-free and delicious! It reminded me of In’n’Out burger which is a chain in California (and certain other US States) where they did a ‘protein’ style or ‘animal’ style burger which was essentially a burger without the bun. Friday evening it was over to Navajo Joe in Covent Garden for a catch up with my oldest friends in London (one of whom is visiting from overseas) – we all met while working at the same place when I moved to London in 2004 and it is nice that we are all still in contact.

Saturday was another busy cooking day as I made another batch of French onion soup (can you tell it’s my favourite at the moment!) and some chilli con carne.

I think after a busy week like the one I’ve just had, I certainly need the weekend to recover….

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